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"Singer-songwriter Leah Marie Fuls leans into her country-rock roots on her new single, “Destiny.” The result of which showcases the Phillipsburg native’s strong voice and songwriting skills." - Dustin Schoof
Singer-songwriter Leah Marie Fuls has traded in the acoustic guitar – at least, temporarily – for pulsing beats and a big hook on her newest single, “Collision.” - The Underground Music Collective
"The EP begins with “Let’s Hang On,” a strong introduction, with poppy guitars, a prominent bassline, and a distinctive, powerful country-leaning voice that grabs the listener immediately..." - Gerard Longo, Lehigh Valley Underground
"Fuls' voice -- a pleasant, throwback cross between early Jewel and post-10,000 Maniacs Natalie Merchant..." - Dustin Schoof 

About Me 

Leah Marie Fuls is an award winning, Nashville recording artist and singer/songwriter known for her strong and sultry sound in Pop, Country, and Rock genres. Her newest single "Sinning on Sunday" is set to be released on April 21.

In addition to her upcoming single, Leah has released her first EP “You’re Never Gone” in early 2017, which earned her two awards in the Lehigh Valley Underground Fan's Choice Awards. Her single “Collision” was awarded the Best Pop/Contemporary Song of 2018 in The Josie Music Awards and her song “Destiny” topped the Indie Star Radio Country Chart.

Leah's music is available on various platforms including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Her latest release “Heartbreak Hangover,” out in April 2022, has been nominated for Modern Country Single of the Year in the Josie Music Awards. Fans can also tune in to VRadio Nashville to listen to her music.

Artist Statement

Music has been all around me my entire life. Folk music was what I heard when I went to my grandfather's house and rock music when I was in my dad's car. I grew up singing country music with my mom and I discovered pop music on my own. It only made sense that I took 25% of each genre mixed it all together and came up with 100% the style of Leah Marie Fuls. (Not bad for a girl that's terrible at math). 

I consider myself to be very hard working but can also become disappointed when the perfectionist in me comes out and is not satisfied. Besides my passion for music I also have a love for writing, reading, and learning all I can. I enjoy taking pictures but I definitely wouldn't consider myself a photographer. I love adventures and car rides when the world is at its quietest and when the music is at its loudest. I also say hi to every dog I see and am up to try any food at any new restaurant. 

Although I'm still trying to figure out this crazy adventure we call life, there is one thing I am sure about and that is my music. I believe I am going to really do something with it and I want to. There is nothing better than music - the way it makes you feel and the places it can take you. I want you to be able to pause, play, rewind, stop and live YOUR moments through the ones I have experienced and written about in my songs.  

Much love, 
Leah Marie Fuls 


Nominated for Modern Country Single of the Year for "Heartbreak Hangover" in the 2022 Josie Music Awards

Nominated for ISSA Pop Artist of the Month

Won "Modern Country Artist of the Year" at The Josie Music Awards 2020

Nominated for Artist of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, and Song of the Year in the 2020 Josie Music Awards

"Destiny" was #1 on the Indie Star Radio Country Chart

Nominated in 4 categories in the 2019 Lehigh Valley Music Awards

Won Best Song in the Pop/Contemporary category for her song "Collision" in the 2018  The Josie Music Awards, the largest independent artist award show

Nominated for "Female Artist of the Year" in the Indie Country Radio Awards

Nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year for the Nashville Universe Awards


Nominated in nine categories in the 2018 Lehigh Valley Music Awards

Won Best Album and Best song in the Lehigh Valley Underground Fan's Choice Awards

Nominated Song of the Year for Josie Music Awards, the largest independent artist award show globally

Nominated in six categories in the 2017 Lehigh Valley Music Awards

First place in  Country Idol Contest

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Leah Marie Fuls Destiny Indie Star Radio
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